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ThinkTank’s International Traveler photo equipment bag

I’ve used ThankTank’s International Traveler V2 for airline travels and as my primary equipment bag during extended automobile excursions. The bag is exceedingly durable, meets international dimension specifications, slightly smaller than US domestic, and tracks well on its two recessed wheels when pulled through airport terminals and on other relatively smooth surfaces.

Exterior - The International Traveler has a very streamline design with minimal surface areas which can catch on baggage handling conveyers or other machinery. This can lead to a ripped open bag with disastrous consequences. The shell is semi-rigid, with a very durable ballistic nylon surface treated for water resistance. The inner support material of the bag’s exterior provides rigidity and much more protection found than in unreinforced, soft-sided bags.

There are external compartments that are snug to the shell, providing easy access for travel documents and other small items. The towing handle recedes into a portion of the bag, and is covered by a zippered flap. Several attachment points on the side of the bag support items such as a medium size tripod. Its TSA compliant lock and concealed cable that can secure the bag to a fixed object add to the International Traveler’s security features. When towing, you can stop and stand the bag upright on its base without concern for it pitching forward or on its back.

Interior - The inside of the bag comes with removable Velcro inserts. The interior sides and bottom are lined with Velcro receptive material, making reconfigurations limitless. The rounded corners make for a snug fit for two bodies with mounted lenses.

international travelerI challenged the configuration possibilities by including two long lenses, three short lenses, two bodies, a strobe and a light meter with room remaining for a battery charger and three batteries. I discovered that rotating the camera bodies onto their sides eliminated the snug fit at the top. Then, with some trial and error, I found a configuration that accommodated all my gear. I did have to add an extra padded insert that came from a discarded bag. On the inside flap, there are several clear pockets for cables and other indispensible items. <Click on the image for a larger view.>

What would improve the bag design? Not much, considering the dimension restrictions imposed by the airlines. I would like squarer corners at the top, and for it to be a bit easier to retrieve the tow handle from its recessed compartment. Additional padded inserts, and less configuration restriction imposed by the one long insert, would also be helpful. None of these keep me from highly recommending and using the International Traveler.

You can get more details on the International Airport Traveler V2 here.