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Want to be Published in National Geographic?

Part 3

In the prior two issues, I provided segments from my interview with Barbara Paulson, Senior Story Development Editor for National Geographic, on the subject of getting your work published by National Geographic. You can read those two installments, Want To Be Published In National Geographic?and, Want to be Published in National Geographic? Part 2, here. In those installments, I recounted that Barbara said National Geographic sources its photographers and writers by reading and seeing their already published work. So the logical and final question I posed to Barbara was, “Where should emerging photographers and photojournalists begin submitting their work?” Barbara concluded our interview with the following sound advice.

“Existing magazines already have their staff (photographers and photojournalists) and a cadre of free lancers. And magazines are being replaced by blogs. So blog on your area of expertise. Submit to ezines such as The Huffington Post and Salon, and seek out blogs specific to your areas of expertise.”

Surprised? Don’t be. The media world is changing, and her suggestion opens up many new and constantly emerging markets for your work.

In the previous article, Barbara talked about how important it is to identify, and master, your area of expertise. In an article I wrote two years ago I offered a process for identifying your niche interest, and how to begin building a reputation for being simultaneously an expert on a subject and one of the few photographers who can provide iconic images. Don’t forget: in this challenging economy and market, it can be helpful for established artists to explore new areas in which to become the sought after “expert.”