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SEO Old Title - New Twist
(search engine optimization)

March 1, 2011

Please save the groans and uncross your eyes. This is not an article for techies. It’s for those who use their website as the primary showcase for their work, and want to increase the number of people who actually find their website and see the work. There. I thought that would peak your curiosity.

Most likely, you are using social media, print, newsletters, blogs or combinations of these media to let people know about your work, with the ultimate objective being to drive them to your website. This is a sound media strategy with only one real flaw. Audience-wise, it’s a closed circle.

What You're Missing

There is a much, MUCH larger, and very interested, audience that you are not reaching at all with all of marketing your efforts. They are the millions of people who have either a professional interest—book publishers, galleries, potential business clients—or personal interest in finding new artists and commercial photographers.

What is their primary search tool?  The Internet. Obvious, right?

Yet if your website does not have some of the most basic tech content, your fantastic work will continue to be unnoticed by all but a very small slice of the potential universe who could be searching for your work or services.

Free - Low Tech Google Tools

Accepting that many readers of my articles are neither tech savvy nor possess the desire to climb the steep learning curve, I’m providing a couple of links to Google videos that describe in non-techie terms free services Google offers to help you optimize your website.

If you manage your website yourself, watch the short videos; my bet is you’ll find the process very easy. If someone else manages your website for you, watch the short videos; then point them to the videos and tell them you want to use one or more of these free services.

The 30 minutes it takes to explore the options is a small investment that requires only time, and it could pay off with new sources of sales, contracts and future opportunities.

Stepping back a bit: In earlier articles I’ve discussed the importance of providing a professional, easily navigated and searchable website. Links to those articles are provided here as well.

Here are some of Google vids that will painlessly introduce you to the essential SEO requirements and available tools. Don't be surprised when you get hooked and start clicking on related links

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