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The Integrated Approach


The integrated Approach is an on-going, tightly-knit, coordinated and focused system for promoting yourself and your work. Let’s briefly take a look at each of these elements.

On-Going: The process is continuous and refined periodically. Once you have developed your strategy (system), you stick to it! You adjust as you find what works, and what does not. Refining is not a weekly event. Rather, it may be something you do every six months. More frequently, you lose the objectivity and perspective time provides.

Tightly-Knit: It is the processes of identifying market opportunities that are closely related which require similar collaterals* and marketing strategies. Then deciding on which opportunities offer the greatest Return-On-Investment within your resources in time, capital and equipment. By comparison, the opposite extreme is using a shot-gun approach. By defining a tightly-knitted process you create the best opportunity for achieving your goals with the least amount of time and cost.

Coordinated and Focused: The best plan is only that, a plan. Implementation of the plan is what leads to success. How you implement your plan, whether you are just starting out or taking your business to its next level, the process is critical. For example, your strategy may include a three-step execution over nine months. Defining the steps and sub-steps, having your collaterals in place and staying focused will provide you with your best chances for success.

*Collaterals include all the tangible marketing pieces: business cards, leave behinds, stationary, website, portfolios, etc.