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Strategy for Growth in a Declining-Demand Market


Think about it. Almost everyone is cutting back on their marketing efforts. It’s not just the fortune 500 companies, it’s artists and commercial photographers, as well. Why? “Because people are not buying art, or they don’t need commercial photographers.” But they are, just not in the quantities seen two years ago. More importantly and to the point of this article, they will in the future.

“But I have to make a living in the mean time,” you might be thinking. Absolutely, and this is the beauty of continuing to aggressively market your art and services. As most of your competitors – the ones not reading or following the advice presented here – are pulling back on their marketing, they are opening new doors of opportunity for you. They are leaving the field open to creative and resourceful people to step in and take their share of the business.

Who is continuing to sell their art and commercial services? As with most discretionary items that are purchased, it is the persistent seller, you, who is foremost in the prospective buyer’s mind and is most likely to get the sale or commercial job.

There is a second, longer-term advantage to being aggressive in your marketing during this clearly challenging period. If you study history and economics, every down-turn provides new opportunities unique to the period. And, it is those that have taken advantage of these opportunities that emerge from recessionary periods with a stronger market position, and are quicker to realize the reemergence in demand for their products and services.

Why, because during the bad times, you were there. You continued to cultivate your clients, show them your work. Then, when the economic-sunshine began to brighten your client’s day, they instinctively knew who to call. You!

The real challenge is how to best invest your limited resources for marketing to take advantage of this opportunity.  If you stick to your tried-and-true methods that worked two years ago, you will be doing what the majority of your competition continues to do. This is a new economic environment. You need to adapt with creative and new strategies. Then you have the best chances for both short-term results and long-term success.

This is the time when a consultant that knows the market and your business can be a valuable asset in planning your strategy. Consultants tend to be far enough removed from your forest of business issues to see the individual trees of opportunities. You’d be amazed by the opportunities staring you in your face, but are too close for you to see clearly. I desire to help the artists and commercial photographers dedicated to growing their businesses and are willing to explore new directions to achieve success in this most challenging time.