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Water's Edge
Book Review and Interview with the Publisher

Water's Edge Cover Photograph Untitled by Mark Ullom

Clare O’Neill, a Wisconsin-based photographer and entrepreneur who runs Open to Interpretation, a book series from St. Paul-based Taylor & O'Neill, has announced the publication of Water's Edge. Water’s Edge is a presentation of uncollaborated work by photographers and writers through two juried competitions. Thirty-two images by fine-art photographers have been paired with literary interpretations—two writers per images, with some interpretations in prose and many in verse. The 10 x 11.5 inch pages in the hard-covered book exhibit the mostly black-and-white images on subtle, soft white paper. Generous white margins complement the theme's mood. Together, the imagery, responding verse and prose, and presentation offer readers many opportunities for an experience that appeals and resonates. 

Juror for the photography was Douglas Beasley, for the writing was Anastasia Faunce

View Page 64 from Water's Edge

Interview: After spending time reviewing her first publication, I interviewed Clare. Her responses, I feel, provide useful insights for those considering publishing.