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Edward Mapplethorpe: One Photographer’s Journey to Finding His Path

edward_mapplethorpeI became interested in profiling Edward after meeting him at a George Eastman House function.

In many ways, his journey is emblematic of artists who are trying to find their voice. For Edward, being the younger of two Mapplethorpe brothers added complicated layers to his challenges.

Listen closely to the story of how he and his work evolved to finally represent his vision. You just may discover something to help you to achieve your own creative goals.

This is a two-part interview. Why two parts?  Because Edward’s getting to where he is today is an interesting story in and of itself, and is the subject of the first segment. The second segment explores Edward's current work and the way he incorporates very unusual approaches to creating photographic art.

Interview: Part 1 Edwards early days with his brother, Robert Mapplethorpe, then leaving NY City to beginning his own style of work.

Interview: Part 2 How Edward found his voice, including his hair-raising creations.

To view more of Edward’s work: http://www.