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Portfolio Review: Choosing Who to Review Your Portfolio


There are many very qualified people who can provide constructive feedback. Here are a few filters you may wish to consider when selecting reviewers:

Are they actively in the photography business in a capacity that keeps them current with the trends and markets?

What are their preferences for styles of work? If your work is mostly architectural and the reviewer has little experience or interest in this genre, you will be better served to look for another reviewer.

What is their reputation for providing constructive criticism? Unfortunately, there are a few reviewers who lack tact and sensitivity in the process. Don’t hesitate to ask for references and talk to others who have been reviewed by the person you are considering.

Do they provide you with detailed guidance in preparing your work for their review? Personally, I provide people who have had limited or no experience with reviews with a comprehensive guide line. Then we review the preparation process to insure the photographer will get the most out of their review.