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Replacing Polaroid: The New Fujifilm Emulsion Transfers

Many of us lamented the passing of Polaroid’s 669 and the Polaroid films that we used for emulsion and dye transfers. Very fortunately, Fujifilm has stepped in with their new Fuji 100C film that produces 3.35x4.25 inch / 85x108mm and 4x5inch images. As with Polaroid films, you can use Daylabs, darkroom enlargers and Polaroid backs and Polaroid cameras to create the image. The emulsion transfer is similar to what we experienced with Polaroid film, with some advantages in contrast and saturation possibilities. There are several sites that will provide insight to working with the film: and will give you a good start.

If you haven’t tried emulsion transfers, the process has a color and black-and-white history with fine art and commercial photographers. The filmy, translucent medium opens up the possibility for creations limited only by your imagination. Cost at B&H as of January 2012 is $7.50 for the 10 exposure, 3.25x4.25 inch packs and $26.59 for the 10 exposure 4x5 inch packs: available in color and black-and-white. 






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