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Nurturing Your Creativity

To get us started, let’s look at the definition of Visionary Artists: Usually self taught, never influenced by being told what not to do, often see their art as a fulfillment of a spiritual mission. The preceding was extracted from a page-long description of visionary art and artists by the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD,

Shortly after launching The Center for Fine Art Photography I began to experience frequent moments of pondering what goes on in the heads of artists who break most, if not all, of the rules taught in classrooms. And why is it—that because of breaking the rules, rather than in spite of it—these artists end up with refreshing, enjoyable, challenging and unique work? Being predominately mid-brained, I doubt if I'll ever have more than an inkling of the process that transforms their germ of an idea into a bouquet of lines and colors (or lack of color) that conveys everything from hilarious to depressingly sad emotions.

How is this relevant to you, you may ask?  Read on …

If you have had formal training and wonder what you can do to increase the quality or salability of your work, or if you are looking to challenge your creativity or advance it to another level, then take the time to visit some of the many galleries that present the work of emerging artists. While you are there, find images you “don't get” and study them. Sit with them and really study them. After some time, you may find that you still do not understand the artist’s vision. However, and this is the point of this article: The experience may trigger the nurturing of a dormant creative germ in your subconscious that will take you in directions you never imagined.