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Competitions –Where to Find Them


The season for this year’s photo competitions is Now! February to June is the most prolific period for competitions. When considering which competitions to enter, most look for those hosted by arts-based organizations. They are, indeed, rich with opportunities, but they are not the only place to look. Magazines, non-profit interest groups, industries, travel magazines, and others offer artists exposure and lucrative awards. These alternative competition sources can expose your work to new audiences – many with excellent purchase opportunities.

The November 2012 issue of Window on Photography featured an article by Photo Review editor, Stephen Perloff, “Why Competitions?” The article provides insight to the merits of and a guide to entering competitions. It is well worth reading. Additionally, you can always find a list of competitions hosted by a variety of organizations here, in the sidebar link, and by liking WindowOnPhotography, which will notify you when new competitions are listed.